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The Collaborative Clearinghouse for Lawsuits and Other Claims Against ACE Group Insurance Companies


ATTENTION: It is possible that this information may no longer be current and therefore may be inaccurate. The index contains both open and closed cases and is not a complete list of cases in which an ACE Insurance Group company is involved. This information is provided to give interested persons an idea of the issues disputed in the indexed cases. For a full understanding of a case, one should read the rest of the court file, including the response. For the most up-to-date and complete information on a case, visit or contact the clerk of the relevant court.

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CM/ECF - District of Minnesota - Live
U.S. District Court U.S. District of Minnesota (DMN) CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 0:13-cv-02003-DWF-AJB
Luminaire Recyclers, Inc. v. ACE American Insurance Company Assigned to: Judge Donovan W. Frank Referred to: Chief Mag. Judge Arthur J. Boylan Cause: 28:1332 Diversity-Insurance Contract Plaintiff Luminaire Recyclers, Inc. a Minnesota corporation represented by Laura A Hage Hage Law Office 1539 Grand Ave INACTIVE St Paul, MN 55105 651-690-1584 Fax: 651-690-1599 Email: LEAD ATTORNEY ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED Date Filed: 07/25/2013 Jury Demand: Defendant Nature of Suit: 110 Insurance Jurisdiction: Diversity
V. Defendant ACE American Insurance Company represented by R Henry Pfutzenreuter Meagher & Geer, PLLP 33 S 6th St Ste 4400 Mpls, MN 55402 612-337-9676 Email: LEAD ATTORNEY ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED Stacy A Broman Meagher & Geer, PLLP 33 S 6th St Ste 4400 Mpls, MN 55402 612-338-0661 Fax: 612-338-8384 Email: ATTORNEY TO BE NOTICED
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7/29/13 3:28 PM
CM/ECF - District of Minnesota - Live
Date Filed 07/25/2013
# Docket Text 1 NOTICE OF REMOVAL from Hennepin County District Court, case number Not Filed. ( Filing fee $ 400 receipt number 0864-3639189.) Filed by ACE American Insurance Company. No summons requested. (Attachments: # 1 Summons and Complaint, # 2 Civil Cover Sheet) (Broman, Stacy) (Entered: 07/25/2013) 2 RULE 7.1 DISCLOSURE STATEMENT that ACE American Insurance Company is not a publicly traded corporation. All of the outstanding Stock is owned by INA Holdings Corporation. INA Holdings Corporation is owned by INA Financial Corporation, an intermediate holding company of INA Corporation. Since July 2, 1999, INA Corporation had been directly or indirectly owned by ACE Limited. (Broman, Stacy) Modified on 7/26/2013 (kt). (Entered: 07/25/2013) 3 AFFIDAVIT of Service by ACE American Insurance Company re 1 Notice of Removal, 2 Rule 7.1 - Disclosure Statement, (Broman, Stacy) (Entered: 07/25/2013) 4 TEXT ONLY ENTRY: CLERK'S NOTICE OF INITIAL CASE ASSIGNMENT. Case assigned to Judge Donovan W. Frank per Master List and referred to Magistrate Judge Arthur J. Boylan. Please use case number 13-cv-2003 DWF/AJB. (kt) (Entered: 07/25/2013) 5 ACE American Insurance Company's ANSWER to Complaint by ACE American Insurance Company. (Broman, Stacy) (Entered: 07/26/2013)
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