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The Collaborative Clearinghouse for Lawsuits and Other Claims Against ACE Group Insurance Companies

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Blinded Accident Victim Sues ACE Over Uninsured Motorist Claim

May 26, 2011 - A Florida man who said an automobile collision there left him incapacitated and blinded has sued ACE American Insurance Co. over its alleged refusal to pay his uninsured motorist claim.

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Upstate New York Company Sues Westchester Fire Over Flooring Mishap

May 24 , 2011 - Logistics One Warehousing Inc. has sued Westchester Fire Insurance Co. for its alleged failure to provide compensation for damages caused when flooring collapsed in one of Logistic One’s warehouses.

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Illinois Union Claims No Duty to Defend in Georgia Lawsuit

May 12, 2011 - Illinois Union Insurance Co. has sued an Atlanta property developer seeking to distance itself from potential liability for building defect claims alleged on a project it insured.

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Former ACE/ESIS Executive Files Wrongful Discharge Suit

May 10, 2010 - Sumner Dodge believed he had struck a good balance between family and work with his career as an account executive at ACE/ESIS – a risk management and claim company. Management of the company thought otherwise and contrived to fire him, the Holliston, Mass. man has charged in a lawsuit filed against ACE/ESIS in U.S. District Court for Massachusetts.

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Insurers Say Westchester Left Them Holding the Liability Bag

April 26, 2011 - Two insurers for a construction company have sued Westchester Fire Insurance Co. and Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance Co. over allegations they improperly abandoned a lawsuit against their jointinsured.

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ACE American Sued Over Fatal Construction Accident Lawsuits

April 19, 2011 - The deadly collapse of a construction trench in California has sparked a lawsuit pitting the American arm of ACE Group against another Swiss insurance giant.

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