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Biker Sues ACE for Injury Claim on POW Ride 29, 2011 - A Louisiana man and his wife are demanding almost $1.5 million from ACE American Insurance Co. for injuries he sustained while riding his motorcycle in a caravan meant to honor prisoners of war.

William G. Rome contended in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, that he was injured May 24, 2010, while participating in a cross-country ride sponsored by Run For The Wall Inc. That San Diego-based organization,, sponsors an annual ride across the country meant to honor POWs, MIAs, and military members killed in action.

Rome, of St. Charles Parish, La., said he was traveling with the caravan as a “guard” during its 2010 trek to Washington, D.C., and the Vietnam Memorial there. While on an interstate highway near Meridian, Miss., with an estimated 750 other riders, another participant in the caravan allegedly clipped the rear of his bike and caused it to go out of control. Rome said he sustained severe and ongoing injuries, particularly to his leg.

Rome demanded $1.339 million in damages in his lawsuit. His wife asked for $150,000 in damages.

Rome named as defendants the other motorcyclist, Roy Huston, of Arizona, as well as Run For the Wall, the American Motorcyclist Association, GEICO Indemnity Insurance Co. and ACE American.

GEICO Provided liability policy for American Motorcyclist, an organization that holds itself out as promoting the lifestyle of motorcycling. It was named in the suit for allegedly failing to properly train Huston.

The lawsuit alleged that ACE American provided liability insurance to Huston, the motorcycling group as well as Run For The Wall. That makes it “solidarily liable” for damages caused by the defendants, the suit claimed.

Rome initially filed his lawsuit in federal court in Louisiana. It was transferred to Mississippi after defendants sought to dismiss the case or, alternatively, a change of venue.

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