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Airport Fall Leads to Lawsuit Against ACE and Others

June 28, 2011 - A special needs traveler and her daughter have sued ACE Insurance Co. and 11 other defendants, claiming the traveler was injured when struck by a revolving door she was forced to walk through.

The lawsuit claims plaintiff Ramonita Ocasio Ruiz flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on June 4, 2010, aboard US Airways to visit family. The Rochester, N.Y, woman said she is a diabetic whose health and advanced age qualifies her as a special needs traveler who normally uses a cane and requires a wheelchair at airports.

Ocasio claims she was transported to the baggage area via a golf cart, where she was met by an employee of Airport Aviation Services Inc. She says she was given a wheelchair and escorted to a revolving door but alleged was made to stand up and walk unaided through it. She claims that as she did, she was struck by one of its panels and fell to the ground.

She alleges that the paramedics called to the scene placed Ocasio’s arm in sling, suggesting she seek further treatment. The lawsuit claims that by then she was complaining of pain in her hips, back and right hand.

Ocasio says she then sought treatment at a local medical center, and was told her right hand was fractured. Ocasio said she subsequently also was diagnosed with a compression fracture of her back. According to the complaint, in the time between the fall and the filing of the lawsuit, in U.S. District Court in Puerto Rico, Ocasio has had 28 separate therapies.

Ocasio said she has had to pay for much of this treatment and also has been forced to hire personnel to help her bathe.

Ocasio claimed in her suit that US Airways breached its duty to her as a special needs traveler, and failed to properly supervise her care by Airport Aviation. She further claims that Airport Aviation is liable for forcing her to walk through the revolving door, and then withdrawing its use of the wheelchair.

Ocasio asked for damages of $750,000. Her daughter, who said she missed eight months of treatment for cancer in order to help her mother, asked for $500,000 in damages.

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