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The Collaborative Clearinghouse for Lawsuits and Other Claims Against ACE Group Insurance Companies

About ACE Insurance Litigation Watch

Thank you for visiting ACE Litigation Watch! This site was created BY policyholders FOR policyholders. The site's purpose is to assemble information through a collaborative process about cases filed against the ACE Insurance Group.

Our goal is to help policyholders help themselves. Companies and individuals who unfortunately find themselves up against the ACE litigation team understand the long and expensive effort required to gain justice against an adversary with ACE's vast resources. Furthermore, individual litigants are normally isolated from each other even though they are often looking for the same information and asking the same questions. This gives ACE a significant advantage in the courtroom while the company acts through lawyers who excel at litigation by attrition.

The goal of this website is to help level the playing field by giving parties adverse to ACE a platform on which to communicate, collect and share information, and generally support each other against a common adversary. Furthermore, by helping to tell the untold story about ACE, its claims settlement practices, and litigation tactics, the public information archived by this site may help others avoid a situation where protracted litigation is their only option.

Some of the index and other portions of the Ace Litigation Watch website are freely available to public visitors. However, other sections of the database are reserved for members of ACE Litigation Watch. Membership is reserved for ACE policy holders or other parties and their counsel who are either actively engaged in or imminently anticipating litigation against a member of the ACE Limited Insurance Group. The only price of admission is a pledge to participate in the growth of the index.

The ACE Litigation Index is a place for information that is properly within the public domain. The Index will not accept any information that is under seal, subject to a confidentiality order or agreement, or that is otherwise restricted. Members are responsible for any information they introduce into the Index.